Simulating ‘stepping into’ the mind of Dwayne Wade proved to be one of Atmosphere’s most rewarding and interactive projects to date. Fabricating a 35’ tall by 40’ round ‘head’ composed of fabric graphics and video projected eyes and mouth elements, Atmosphere and Tmobile teamed up to create an extremely engaging and mindblowing participatory event structure for the NBA All Star Jam Session. Replete with theatrical lighting, a green screen photo-op booth, Memories module (museumesque product space), and a ‘Dreams Module’, this twostory cranium was crammed with enough stimulus to entertain a small country.

Packing yet even more fun into the space at the New Orleans stop; a regulation halfcourt basketball court was installed for shooting contests amongst attendees. A shotclock, buzzer, live announcer, and intelligent lighting to illuminate the shooter’s position provided a truly unique and unforgettable experience.