Bombardier London


The International Transportation Expo in London was dominated by the Bombardier exhibit with its monolithic architecture, intense lighting systems, and focused multimedia presentations. The 14,000 square foot, multi level environment promoted Bombardier rail transportation products and services, as well as their aviation and recreation offerings. The exhibit featured product/service digital demo kiosks, multiple presentation theatres, conference rooms, executive offices and a full service kitchen, all illuminated by a full perimeter overhead truss with a light control scrim and 140 intelligent lighting instruments. As Bombardier became the largest train manufacturer in the world after the acquisition of AdTrans (formerly of Daimler), celebrating and conveying the legendary rise of Bombardier became more significant than ever, and Atmosphere delivered with great effect. The UITP exhibition provided the global audience and Atmosphere created the branded environment for Bombardier
to tell their engaging stories about planes and trains.