As an 80 year veteran in sportswear with origins in Japan, it is clear that Descente has an eye for detail and craftsmanship. Atmosphere was enlisted to design and build a new 3,000ft² exhibit for the 2015 Snow Show, and furnished a space that held consistent with Descente’s lofty ideals. The real showpiece of the booth, is a 20 ft tall by 30ft wide curved wall that serves as the entry into the exhibit’s interior. Clad with CNC’d polycarbonate sheets, this curved element is highly compelling and inventive. This grand feature is repeated in scaled down versions for unique displays along the sides of the booth. Accompanied by large scale graphics, clean and simple sales stations, and Descente’s sharp product, this booth exemplified the avantgarde and technical strengths that both Descente and Atmosphere have come to be known by.