A longtime client and friend of Atmosphere Studios, The North Face came to us with unique ideas for transforming their large tradeshow presence.

For Winter 2017 the task was helping them “reclaim the mountain.” Taking direction and cues from The North Face New York City Showroom, this exhibit needed to be bold, modern and minimalist, and pay homage to the technical heritage of the brand. Utilizing the existing properties of the previous booth, Atmosphere created a cascading backdrop of meeting rooms and soft storage allowing a major portion of the footprint to be dedicated to the vision of the peak experience. Oversized, all-black stage platforms with stylistic terrain and environmental imagery dwarfed the rest of the exhibit, allowing the bright-colored merchandise of each of their pinnacle series lines (Summit, Steep, Flight) to punctuate the darkness. The booth won accolades for its bold approach, becoming a photo destination for the winter show.

The Summer 2017 Exhibit was equally as striking and minimal, alluding more to a deconstructionist art installation. The components were made of simple open walls and truss that was honest about its materials and fabrication, exposing natural and engineered wood, fasteners, and merchandizing elements. Much of the base graphics were created to mimic the wheat paste application style of urban street corner posters and then layered with high gloss product marketing imagery. The 24’ high cornerstone structure with their prominent logo anchored the space, providing a supersized brand statement and setting the tone for what to expect upon entry to the booth. More emphasis was placed on athletes, ambassadors, and conservation advocates, giving them the main presentation stage within the footprint of exhibit environment.