Wednesday, July 15, 2009
Atmosphere Launches AltShift

Salt Lake City, Utah - Atmosphere Studios LLC, a premier design/build & field services provider for exhibits, events and interiors, is proud to announce the launch of Atmosphere AltShift. This new entity has an “eco-only” mission to provide clients with sustainable design/build alternatives for our shifting planet.  As an innovative daughter company of Atmosphere Studios, AltShift design, production and field services will be guided by environmental concerns and values.

In past years Atmosphere Studios has become increasingly conscientious about sustainability and now the company seeks to solidify its commitment to low impact practices and positive global change through the creation of Atmosphere AltShift. The initiative is employee-owned by 14 cast members who are committed to the green cause. These individuals are proud to have joined 1% For The Planet, an organization that collects 1% of annual sales from each member company and disperses funds to thousands of environmental groups internationally.

AltShift projects will meet specific criteria for sustainability, defined by alternative thinking in: designing for the environment; material usage; production methods; use of energy; and reducing recurring program costs. AltShift environments will be conceived using a minimum of 85% recyclable, recycled and/or reclaimed materials, while practicing sustainable fabrication methods and planning for efficient ongoing costs starting with the initial design concept. Further, existing client programs will be evaluated and their costs benchmarked in order to set baselines that will allow for measurement of their green initiatives going forward.   

Not only will the AltShift employee-owners represent a new paradigm in design/build thought, but they are also taking immediate action to foster social responsibility. They will provide employee growth and leadership opportunities, sponsor and award volunteerism in the local community, create an aggressive recycling program in their facility and encourage biking or riding public transit to work.

Katie Riggs Hansen, the managing partner at AltShift said, “Alt Shift’s raison d’être is to help reduce the environmental impact of our activities by leading the exhibition and event world towards a more global and ecologically conscious state. We feel this is our small part of the solution for our shifting world”.


Tom Jennings
[email protected]