Monday, September 30, 2013
Atmosphere Studios Creates Outdoor Retailer’s Top BOB Winners

September 30, 2013 The Best of Booth winners were selected by SNEWS at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2013 and the two top awards were earned by Atmosphere clients. Mammut won the Overall BOB award for their best-in-show exhibit, while Cascade Designs took the Most Improved BOB for their new Outdoor Retailer environment.

SNEWS said of Mammut’s new booth, “sophisticated simplicity and crisp clean lines combined with a compelling palette and oversized graphics garnered the top spot for Mammut on the podium.”

In awarding the Most Improved BOB to Cascade Designs, SNEWS wrote, “the new booth visually tells the story of the company, as the parent to multiple leading outdoor brands” and “(the booth) concisely expresses who Cascade Designs is.” The Atmosphere design solution “utilized cues from iconic products, including incorporating a familiar Therm-a-Rest pattern in the feature display walls and basing the repeating structural metal columns on the lines of an MSR stove.”

Atmosphere Studios is proud to have provided turnkey design, build and field services for these award winning environments, only made possible through the collaboration with these two great brands. Article and photos at

This is an exhilarating time for Atmosphere Studios, as they celebrate their “Sweet 16” Birthday! Atmosphere was born embracing the idea of continual improvement and recognizing that constant discovery drives innovation. 2013 has been a banner year for inspired innovations from the awards at Outdoor Retailer to the stunning interior build out for the new University of Utah PAC12 Football Hall of Fame and the corporate interiors for Ciena built and installed from Paris to New Delhi. Yes, there is much to commemorate.

Who is Atmosphere? Atmosphere Studios creates branded environments, specializing in developing environments for events, trade shows, retail interiors and corporate spaces. With a diverse client list that includes industry leaders like Adidas, Bombardier, Ciena, Patagonia and the BBC, Atmosphere has been attracting top brands with their unique approach to providing remarkable environments since 1997.  Partners Tom Jennings (Founder), Kurt Damschroder (Vice President Design) and Katie Riggs Hansen (Director Client Development) are celebrating 16 years of fulfilling the creative challenges presented by our clients. The results have propelled Atmosphere to becoming a leading design and production firm with a worldwide reputation for excellence.

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