Monday, July 27, 2009
ATMOSPHERE Wins Three Awards at Outdoor Retailer

Salt Lake City, Utah – The CamelBak Products exhibit won the SNEWS Top BOB Award for the best overall booth at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2009. Atmosphere was also recognized for the award-winning Keen and GoLite exhibits at this summer­s show.

The best environment was designed and produced by Atmosphere Studios and driven by CamelBak­s vision. This success was the result of a collaborative effort, from the CamelBak CEO to the field services coordinator, where their internal team guided the award-winning design/build process and Atmosphere listened and delivered. The new exhibit creates a look & feel with brand purpose and product presentation continuity that reinforces CamelBak­s premier market position,® said Kurt Damschroder, Atmosphere Studios­ Design Director.

The exhibit elements and components flow seamlessly in an extremely functional configuration, while presenting a clear market message: push beyond your limits with hydration® with CamelBak products. The challenge was to express CamelBak­s mission through the exhibit architecture and the central WaterWall feature did just that. Water percolates through a curving 16 foot high x 36 foot long chain maille wall in a demonstration of how water diffuses through the human body. The Hydration Station, hand-crafted bent-wood product displays, flexible one-off merchandising and tactile materials all added to the winning solution, the SNEWS article cited drama, functionality, personality and cool ideas® in describing the CamelBak exhibit.

Keen won the Dˆjâ Vu award for their continued focus on the environment, by recycling and re-purposing components in their exhibit. Atmosphere manages the existing exhibit properties and along with Keen­s great creative resources, produces new sustainable elements that are warm and inviting; SNEWS remarked, The exhibit was comforting.®

GoLite earned an honorable mention, as they reconfigured their exhibit with fresh visual merchandising, introduced their on-line product presentation and utilized soy-based mannequins, just another example of their company­s eco-initiative. Atmosphere is proud to assist in the integration of GoLite­s existing properties with the design/build of new elements based on the priorities in their event marketing efforts.

Who is Atmosphere Studios? Atmosphere Studios specializes in creating innovative environments for events, trade shows, corporate spaces and InStore programs. With a diverse client list that includes industry leaders like Bombardier, Patagonia, T-Mobile and Ciena, Atmosphere Studios has been impressing clients with their unique approach to creating remarkable environments since 1997. Recent installations from Paris to Bangkok and New Delhi have expanded the global reach of Atmosphere­s work. Partners Tom Jennings (Founder), Kurt Damschroder (Design Director), Eric Krepela (Production Director) and Katie Riggs Hansen (Client Relations Director) have quietly celebrated Atmosphere­s twelfth anniversary and the growth built over the past several years. These latest awards underscore the ongoing transformation of Atmosphere into a leading design and production firm with a worldwide reputation for excellence.