Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show 2020, Adidas Debut

A new decade begins and brings many changes to the industry with it. Emerald Expositions cancelled the November Outdoor Retailer Winter Market, citing demand to strengthen a single, unified show in the annual Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show (OR+SS) in January. It was not so long ago that the shows were all about wheeling and dealing among gearmakers and shop owners, now the show has morphed into a blend of business with a heap of advocacy. The industry is evolving and understands that it must lead on important issues like climate change and public lands, otherwise the health of the industry suffers. Consumers are also demanding that brands lead on these important issues, and at the OR+SS in January, that’s exactly what consumers got.

A constant theme of repairing and reusing materials was seen throughout the show. A focus on reducing single use plastics was the main ‘eco’ message. Multiple water stations were introduced, and happy hour was filled with tin shot glasses and reusable cups. Recycled content used to be a niche, but no longer. Patagonia’s entire shell line uses recycled fabrics. Many puffy coats are now made from recycled materials. Nearly 25 percent of all Gore-Tex products use recycled face fabric. As recycled content becomes the norm, manufacturers are now shifting their focus to cleaning up products’ end-of-life-cycle impacts.       

Not only were many products sustainable but many new exhibits were as well. The Adidas debut of their new exhibit, but with a “sustainability first” mindset was key and really created an atmosphere that brings the brand to life. “We really wanted to make sure that every material and story we were utilizing within the booth could tell the story of the present and future of Adidas Terrex and Five Ten.” – Michael Kadous, head of Adidas Outdoor                                           

The Exhibit featured materials such as low-density fiber board, upcycled wood products, reclaimed wall panels and packing materials. The exhibit structure is fabricated using unfinished hot rolled steel. The display features are all made from engineered plywood with non-toxic, low-VOC finishes. A life-cycle plan was also developed, so that all the components of the exhibit will be 100% reusable & recyclable in the years to come.